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Justina is a certified life coach and the founder of ART.DE.NOUS

“I truly believe in the potential of human mind to know what is right and shape any experience in a way that fosters possibility and growth. Only when we understand how we make sense of our experience can we start making choices around it. 

ART.DE.NOUS is both a philosophy as well as a roadmap for meaningful change and a more uplifting way of life. You only need to find out what it tells and where it takes you.”
– Justina vingilytė
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Find what truly matters to you
Get past your own resistance
Discover what life wants from you
Create what works uniquely for you

More than coaching

ART.DE.NOUS combines some of the most powerful coaching techniques with a soft person-centred approach that honours personal experience and outlook on life.
Safe space
Creating a safe relationship based on trust, authenticity and positive regard. Being real and genuine in this engagement to foster deep reflection and self-discovery.
Moving through any doubt, fear or confusion as they show up towards a clear understanding of what you really want and how you will make that happen.
Personal philosophy
Discovering your own principles, values and reasons that will keep you grounded and determined as you continue to lead your life forward.
Embodied awareness
Staying present to your experience moment by moment to tap into a sense of wisdom beyond yourself.
“It’s the hardest thing in the world to do what we want. And it takes the greatest kind of courage.”
– Ayn Rand

How does it work?

ART.DE.NOUS is 1-1 coaching experience, which is tailored around your unique situation and personal goals.
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1. Intention
Gain clarity on what you want and set your goals around that vision.
2. Exploration
Make meaning of your experience and get past your own resistance to allow more freedom, possibility and inspiration into your frame of life. 
3. Strategy
Find motivation in your ideals and flow into action knowing exactly what you need to do. 
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I felt stuck and confused about my future. This was affecting my performance at work and Justina gave me her support to release those feelings.
Justina helped me to explore my blocks, my experiences and feelings. She made me feel comfortable and showed interest for my wellbeing in each session, feeding the sensation that I was in a safe space. Our dialogue was really open, therefore we managed to discuss the outcomes of each session with honesty, improving the entire process. I achieved the goals that I set at the beginning of the process, leaving me empowered. I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Justina as her approach gave me the instruments to change my general attitude not only within a specific context but also in other situations too.
– Laura C., psychologist, Italy
Success story
I started coaching with Justina when I felt stuck about how I was managing my business and daily life. Although everything seemed in order I felt something was missing and I wanted to find ways to “upgrade”.
Working with her has helped me to notice my own biases and how I was limiting myself. Her observations and comments brought a lot of insight and changed my whole perspective. She has a way to to really listen and notice what is in between the lines. I learned things about myself I hadn’t been aware of before and was able to make some important changes. It has been a transformative experience.
– Nicolas, D., entrepreneur, Netherlands
Success story
Justina has been my coach for over a year now and I am so immensely grateful to have such an amazing support.
She is always so present, caring, fully there for me and creates a beautiful space in our sessions where I feel at ease to share vulnerably what is present for me, challenges in my life that I need support with; space where I feel seen, understood and can be fully myself. The clarity and reflections after every session have helped me to connect deeper to myself and move forward in life and in my business with much more ease, confidence and grace. And I absolutely love the embodiment work that we do in our sessions! Thank you Justina for your amazing skills, presence and absolute care. I am so beyond grateful to have such an incredible coach by my side!!
– Margaryta LR, fashion & Luxury, US
Success story
I came to Justina at a time when I felt confused about making the right decisions in my career, whilst adjusting to living in a new country.
With her support, I was able to align my values to the vision of my future career as well as finding calm in a tumultuous moment. I especially enjoyed being guided to connect with my feelings and sensations as we were exploring different topics. I particularly appreciated that when she perceived I was feeling positive about a personal area in my life, she helped me to notice that and find inspiration in that positive experience. It is so easy to only focus on the challenges one is facing, but I found that connecting to what makes us glow is even more empowering.
– Vania R., fashion designer, UK
Success story
Every so often you have the fortune of meeting someone who is clearly aligned with their purpose.
You will know this as there will be an effortless mastery this person displays, as they demonstrate their craft with grace and ease. They will likely have a calm demeanor and their way of connecting and sharing what they do best will feel as if this person was put here, for you, it will just fit. If you have the pleasure of connecting with Justina as your Coach, this will be your experience as it was mine.
– Sonny T., executive coach, UK
Success story
I reached out to Justina for life coaching sessions as I was working on my career transitions. I wasn’t sure where to start.
Justina had a way to help me look into my true values and ask questions that shift my perspectives – the ones that challenge you and facilitate growth! Having had Justina to hold me accountable along my personal development journey, I am very happy about my progress!
– Mavis L., hospitality, UK
Success story

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