ART.DE.NOUS is about the personal power to choose what is right and good for you.

Finding my way to navigate life has not been a straightforward journey. Along the way I’ve had a chance to experience what it’s like to be stuck, uncertain, confused and attached to what no longer makes sense.

When I realized how often my choices would not necessarily reflect my genuine preference but would rather be a response to a limited understanding, unconscious attachment or perceived inability, it completely shifted my strategy. I needed to find a way to 'break free’ and shift my way of thinking and being, which would allow me to navigate life in a more easeful and purposeful way.

Along my own self-development journey I had a chance to experience the transformational power of a deep and open conversation. This is when I discovered coaching.

ART.DE.NOUS is a result of years of study and practice. Based on the values of conscious life it is a process towards a personal philosophy that works in favour, not against. My goal has been to create a space where my clients can explore their thoughts, stories and experiences that opens more meaningful ways of being and acting in the world.

When we look at any given situation with focus and intention, our innate power of reason is activated, which inevitably directs us towards what is right. Yet until we become aware of and intentional about our inner resources, the power over our experiences, possibilities and choices stays outside of us. My intention is to help my clients recognise and embrace that power. And powerful individuals are what the world needs more than ever right now.


Justina Vingilyte is an experienced life coach and the founder of ART.DE.NOUS coaching. As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) she adheres to the ICF principles of ethics and competencies in her coaching practice.

She is also an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with ICF, certified Human Potential Coach as well as trained Mastery Method Coach.
She is skilled in diverse coaching models such as somatic coaching, existential coaching and mindfulness. She holds a MA degree in Law from Bocconi University in Milan, as well as an MSc in Psychology from University of the Arts London.

Originally from Lithuania, she is currently based in Amsterdam.
“There is a great beauty in simple things, in doing things that are good for us and becoming better people as we do them. But there is certainly space for the extraordinary too. To me a good life is a lot about versatility and the right balance between the opposites.”

What my clients say about me?

“Justina was able to shift my whole attitude!”

I achieved the goals that I set at the beginning of the process, leaving me  empowered.

Laura, C., Italy
“She displays an effortless mastery in her craft.”

Her way of connecting and sharing what she does best will just fit.

Sonny, T., UK
“She has a way to listen and notice what is in between the lines.”

I learned things about myself I hadn’t been aware of before.

Nicolas, D., The Netherlands

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