ART.DE.NOUS is a partnership in a process of self-discovery and meaningful change, helping you find the way to lead your life in the desired direction.

Coaching is a partnership in conversation-based process, which helps to gain clarity and direction in relation to any area in life. While setting goals and designing actions is an important part of coaching, primarily it is a process of self-exploration, which brings insight, shifts perspective and creates deep awareness.

As you rethink your beliefs, unwrap any resistance, and gain insight into what really matters, you become more determined and free to make your choices and take your chances in life.


  • 1-1 coaching process that is tailored around your unique situation and personal goals.

  • Draws on most contemporary theory and practice in the field.

  • Integrated and personalized approach allows to meet each client exactly where they are.

  • Involves deeply transformational techniques to untangle deeper patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

“We are all different and we have very different ways to navigate life. Therefore, as a coach my main task is to respond to each client in a way that is most effective and meaningful to them.”


Cultivating presence will deepen your relationship with yourself and your present moment experience, which strengthens engagement, creativity and a sense of wholeness in the process. By focusing your attention within, you start to recognise and trust what is yours and worthwhile.


Cultivating self-knowledge is the key to personal growth. You will gain insight into your beliefs, patterns and aspirations that shape your experience and outlook on life. Central to this process is becoming aware of your blind spots, contradictions or any misjudgement you hold about yourself, others or the world. Only when you see yourself as a whole and without distortion can you change and act wisely.

Embodied insight

Noticing how your thoughts trigger familiar emotions and sensations allows you to explore any experience directly. As you explore the felt sense you start to see the meaning behind your experience. This deeper awareness allows you to let go of resistance and move forward knowing exactly what you need to do.

“You have the power to sink into yourself whenever you want, inner peace comes from an orderly mind - from a hidden world that you made on your own”
– Marcus Aurelius

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1-1 coaching experience tailored around your unique situation and personal goals.

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